We have lift off!!!

The experiment has begun…

I started a Ning after some professional development I did with Andrew Douch. Essentially it was a play space for me to try some things out, and tried to figure out what exactly it was that I wanted to do with the space . Well yesterday we had lift off as I introduced a class to it.

There were “teachable moments” all over the place, little lessons in internet security, information sharing and the pitfalls of security measures which the school has in place on our email – we all found it amusing that I couldn’t email work home to myself. We learnt ways around things, there was peer teaching as new email addresses were set up and connections were being made. The more “social” members of the classroom were an asset as they took over and shared the finer points of MSN.

And then they turned their focus on the Ning.

They loved being able to personalise the whole thing, changing colours and fonts, and making the space their own. While I know that we are going to have some issues in the future with some of the more creative members of the collective, hopefully they will appreciate the space and have some fun while they learn to work together.

So far, so good.


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