It is a jungle out there…

This weekend just gone I had university. One of the activities we had to complete, was to draw a picture of our life. I drew a jungle.

It is a rough drawing, not quite ready for the gallery just yet, but it accurately represents my life at the moment. I am trying to see things which are partially hidden, lost in the jungle amongst the trees and undergrowth. I feel watched by the unseen eyes of creatures who I don’t know… It is untamed and wild. But there are chickens for me to sacrifice, should the need arise.

It was inspired by a student who, when I introduced some pre-service teachers to the class by telling them they had come to study zoology, said…

“But Miss, this is more like a jungle, a zoo implies control”

So, I live in a jungle. Hope I don’t get eaten and that one day I am able to see the horizon.


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