And here we go again.

Term 3 kicks off in a couple of days and it has disaster written all over it.

I am continuing with my masters, but I am up to the research and thesis section of the torture. At this stage I can only imagine that my workload is going to be massive and that there won’t be enough hours in the day for me to do all of the things I need to do. Hopefully the magic will work and it will all come together in the end.

It must be something about this time of year, I always question my teaching ability and wonder if I am really doing the right thing by my students and myself by continuing in the classroom. There are days where I wonder why it is that I continue with the teaching gig, and if I am better off doing something else.  But I know that come about Wednesday one of the kids will say or do something which will change all of that, and I will enjoy it all over again.

Oh well, once more into the breach…


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