Following the test

Generally comes the results.

Over coming days the 2010 NAPLAN results will be released, analysed and dissected. The information will be used to rank schools, if not intentionally, then through some sections of the media (I was going to post a link here, but I refuse to… if you want them go Google for yourself).

In my previous post I was carrying on talking about how data from testing is used, gathered and the like, but an interesting anecdote which is actually related…

On Thursday afternoon I was being subjected to participating in some professional development into the teaching of Mental Computation (those who actually know me will now be either sniggering or spraying their coffee over the keyboard – I trained as a senior English teacher and haven’t done Math since Year 11… many, many moons ago).

One of the purposes of this PD was showing us the latest in testing, a DVD which has a series of Mental Computations for the students to complete in a set time period, to be completed with our classes over the coming weeks. During the discussion about the test, was how the data was presented (using Excel) and the amount of time which was required to input said data. One of the more senior teachers asked if there had been a time taken vs data value analysis done, because she was sure that the amount of time it would take her to complete the test, mark it, put the data into the spreadsheet (we are talking over 100 individual answers), and then work out what the data was telling her and if that data was different to any of the other data sources.

She asked the assembled masses… “when is enough, enough?”

There was no answer to that one.


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