It is thought of as the death knell

when a blog writer apologies for an absence… but I have been busy. I promise.

I have been blogging in other areas about other things – most of which have nothing to do with this space. But then a magical thing happened. A new blog was born and I had a thought.

I have been looking for a reflective space for my writing about educational academic stuff… my thoughts on thinking… my frustrations with the system where I work (and play, because if you can’t play when you work with kids then when can you play? – but I digress)… I have that here.

In a post ages ago I wrote about relationships in Middle Schools and how important to me they are, I was also writing about the need to give students a voice – well I went off to write about that and then didn’t. That is pretty much the same point which that section of the thesis is up to (I have done other bits, really). But the need to give students a voice is real, but that voice needs to be real as well, as well as valued. Really valued. Not in the “you vote for the school captain and if you choose the one which we like as well you can have that one” type of way (not that I am saying that I have ever seen that happen – well not in the place I currently work in). But in the real, “Oh, that is what you think. Hmmmm… how do we fix that” kid of way. The one where the kids actually get listened to.

But the real question is why is this so important? I am beginning to think that it is because there are so many voices in education which are not heard. Including the teachers, but mostly the students.

So I shall give this whole blogging here again thing a bit of a shot.


Well I will try.


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