The Time Thief

Working with educators from varied backgrounds can be as interesting as it is challenging.  During a recent Adobe Connect session there was something of a discussion about time, specifically if there had been any reading or reflection on what was happening in the classroom. The response I got from one of the participants was:

Wish I had that time to read and reflect 🙂

Later on I was reading the blog of one of the other participants, she posted about “The thief called time” and how “the critical failure of ICT in schools is time”. There were some comments about how she didn’t feel like she had the time to put her thoughts into order, and that the technology as a medium didn’t support the expression of complex ideas… which is possibly true – to a point (and here I am going to assume that she was talking about the session, not technology overall).

For me the session was successful, most of the participants in the project were able to pop in at some point during the day, there were some really good conversations going – which given that this was the first time that this particular platform was being used for a great many of the participants (just over half), and it had been seen as one of the more challenging things by some who requested the session to try to gain some confidence in using the technology.

But back to time.

As educators if we don’t spend some of that most precious of resources called time reflecting on what it is that we are doing, then how do we know that it actually works? Watching people take their first steps with different pedagogical approaches I am wanting them to take time and reflect on what it is they are doing, to make sure that it is working before they go further down the path, and to possibly identify potential issues and resolve them before it is too late.

The challenge is finding the time… but then, well at least to me, it is a chicken and egg thing… if we don’t take the time out from teaching to make sure that we are on the right path, how do we know we are? But… where is it that we find that time in the first place?


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