Is there an App for that?

While spending some time getting ready to share the joys of iPads in the classroom,  I have been thinking about the multitude of apps which I use, and also those I have which I thought I would use but haven’t had the chance.

Here is my contribution, based on what I am like in meetings, what I have needed in a hurry, and where I get my news from (click on the picture to go to the store)…

Paper by Fifty Three

I am one of those people in meetings who prefer to draw their way through, making random notes which make complete sense to me and nobody else, along with words to represent what I think is going on. This app has been a god-send for me in that regard. It has also been really good for when I am trying to figure a character out for one of my short stories and I am able to draw and annotate characters and scenes.

While the app itself is free, there are some in app purchases which make the experience better. But a word of warning, look at how much the brushes and pens are individually against buying them all together – you may be surprised.

Zite Personalised Magazine

Choose what you would like to read about and it will collect things for you. I have found this to be great, unlike Flipboard, Zite will bring me things from all over the place which I wouldn’t have necessarily found on my own. If you come across something you like and want to read later or share it with a wider audience, then there are the options to tweet, Facebook, email or many other sharing tools , as well as save it to Instapaper for you to read later.

It requires an account which is easy to set up.

Flipboard: You Social Network Magazine

Rather than going onto the web or using a multitude of apps, Flipboard will present your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and a whole array of content, in a rather lovely magazine style.

From an educational standpoint, I have set up Flipboard to follow the #edchat hashtag on Twitter, literally creating a magazine of valuable educational content. You are also able to tweet and retweet content from within the app.

TED Talks

TED Talks are insightful, educational and so many of the other really good adjectives.

Excellent for starting some of the really big discussions within the classroom, for exploring complex ideas and for learning about yourself and the world.

Check out the TED-Ed Website for some really interesting developments there as well.

ShowMe – Interactive Whiteboard

This has been invaluable when working within the iPad environment. A tool for the creation of “flipped” lessons which are viewable on the iPad without any issues. A word of warning, please ensure that your web security allows the site to be viewable within the educational setting, it presented something of a challenge at times for us.

What I use the apps for may not be the way that you would, the iPad is an individual device and as such the way that it is used is as individual as its user. 🙂


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