The SOLO bandwagon, it has been a while coming

Back in the dark ages when I was doing my teacher training (2006), my lecturer and workshop convener for the Secondary Social Science Curriculum subject – the ‘how to teach SOSE’ subject – introduced us to the the SOLO taxonomy. At the time I remember thinking that I wanted to come back to this at some point, something which was confirmed by the post-it note which I found stuck to the page in the readings brick from the course.

I have been thinking for a while that I needed to work on creating the conditions for thinking, more structured critical and deep thinking. Reading blogs (as I do) I was reminded about the SOLO Taxonomy and have spent a good proportion of my Queensland holiday reading and planning, along with having a break.

Reviewing the readings from all that time ago, it makes sense that it is placed in the “teaching thinking” category, but I don’t think that at the time the full potential of what was on offer with the SOLO approach was being revealed. But then it is also teacher training, and you can’t do everything in the time you have there.

So my challenge to myself is to plan and deliver my SOSE content using a more SOLO approach. I don’t know exactly what form it is going to take yet, I am still in the planning stages of it all. But expect some of it – the good, the bad and the ugly – to find its way here. I am joining the SOLO Bandwagon, because I think that it may actually be valuable.

Please don’t be afraid to comment or share. I know that I will be doing more of that.


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