What may come – the inevitable 2013 ‘What I hope for this year’ post

The Mayans were wrong, so we get to start a new year, which is quite okay with me I had had enough of 2012 and was ready to move on.

So what does 2013 bring?

  1. More education. For me that is. After having to take a break in 2012, I have enrolled at University of Canberra to complete the MEd I started at La Trobe a couple of years ago. I love learning and the university experience has generally been a positive thing for me, so with a bit of hard work I should have it all done by the end of this year.
  2. New challenges and new subjects. In the next week I will be starting the qualifications I need to be able to deliver Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology. I was fortunate enough to be part of the writing group for the new training package during term 3 last year, it will be great to be able to deliver it to our seniors.
  3. A new focus. I have always loved planning and curriculum, with the leadership roles I have had over the past couple of years I have moved away from them in some respects. Stepping back to classroom teaching and working with a smaller group of people in a more informal way (joint planning, mentoring and the like), I am able to get back to what it was that attracted me to teaching and education in the first place. Working with students. The SOLO thing is a part of that.
  4. A new name. Rather amusingly apparently there was a rumor going around work at the end of last year that I was getting married again. LOL. no.

What about you? What does life have in store for 2013?


3 thoughts on “What may come – the inevitable 2013 ‘What I hope for this year’ post

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  2. Always good to continue the learning journey.I am following up on opportunities that arose from late last year involving tutoring and roving theatre involving science education for prep to threes. This is all new and exciting.

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