I have no idea if this is going to embed properly – let’s just call it the learning process and be done with it 😉

As a part of the etmooc I need to do an introduction of some description. I was planning on actually making a video, but my voice has been stolen so I am relying on the visual rather than the audio.

For the moment… here is the hyperlink (and if you have more brain capacity than I this evening – where is it 34 degrees at almost 9.30 at night, please let me know).

Introducing me…



3 thoughts on “Introductions

  1. I loved your slideshow, I live in Bowral and yes, that was a very hot day, in Canberra too! (I read your latest post) I am exploring etmooc, also edcmooc. An interesting journey of sorts. Angela

    • Hi Angela,
      I found it weird… I left Canberra and it was 39 degrees and it didn’t really feel hot, arrived in Western Sydney and my car told me it was 47.5, which felt really quite warm. Next day go to the Blue Mountains and kick myself for forgetting to bring my cardigan. 🙂 Can’t win really.

      It is an interesting journey which we are all.


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