Getting ready for SOLO

The real countdown is on now. Back to school for the new year tomorrow, meeting the new principal, some new classes and lots of excitement. I may also be ready to introduce the SOLO Taxonomy to the kids.

I have been loathe to put too much into this until my timetable has been confirmed, there are always late minute changes, but I have made the approach I am going to take with the class/es reasonably generic so that they will “get it” and why we are doing things this way.

My reasoning for introducing the taxonomy is that I would like the students to understand why giving me one single answer for a question doesn’t actually cut it. I have had this frustration with classes (and even my own children) in the past. I know what many of these students are capable of, so I just want to show them “the trick” to understanding how a single response answer can be improved upon, and hopefully make them a little more independent with this as we go.

This is part of my starting point…

Then there will be guided examples moving to students giving me their examples. I am also going to try and engage parents using this. Sometimes when we as parents (and I include myself in this) are asked by the kids to proof read something, we have no idea what we are looking for. Perhaps offering them some structure will help engagement with that as well. Shall see.


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