What technology for now?

Give a teacher a pot of money and they will buy what they needed five years ago.

I read this somewhere early last year, I can picture it on the screen, but for the life of me I can’t remember where I saw it. Never the less, it has been bouncing about my head for the last little while.

Earlier in the week someone in the staffroom made the comment that all they really wanted was an Interactive Whiteboard in their classroom. I teach with technology, I have had an IWB in the classroom before, but that isn’t what I would like.

The IWB has its place. They can be an awesome resource when used properly and to their full potential, but unfortunately the number of people I have seen using them interactively is actually quite small with them generally become glorified data projectors or DVD players.

Thinking about this for a while, what I would really like. Is an Apple TV and either a screen or a data projector so that AirPlay could be untilised. For the year levels I teach (Years 9&10), and the content I teach (ICT and SoSE), the interactive possibilities through screen sharing from iOS devices (BYOD or in-house) would give so much more scope to what I would like to achieve. A more connected and interactive class.

Just a thought.

When we look at the shopping lists for the technology to use in the classroom, are we really thinking about what our needs are into the future, or are we stuck in the past looking for the things we wanted or “needed” back then… five years ago?


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