A bucket full of irony


I made a .gif animation. It is a bucket of irony… why? Because it is the bucket I use to place electronic devices which are not to be used in the technology lab where I try and encourage the use of technology.

Of course for those of us of a particular age it doubles as a Devo hat.

I really enjoyed the process, and made the deliberate decision to use Photoshop to make the .gif, mostly because it is something I will  be able to use with my classes later in the year with the Adobe suite available at school.

I am really enjoying being creative. I was planning to make a short video of my day – but remembering to do it has been a challenge. But a .gif of the bucket in the lab – that I could do.


5 thoughts on “A bucket full of irony

    • I was thinking that is was the logical place to keep the USBs the kids leave behind. Possibly a better use for it.

      I am actually wondering how many people now have Devo stuck in their heads 😉

  1. Hi Katie Jean,
    I like the subject matter of your gif. And how often does one get to refer to Devo in an education post!
    I don’t know if it is just the browsers I’ve tried, but the gif does not animate unless I click on it (Chrome and Firefox on my Mac). Just thought you’d might be interested.

    • Thanks Claire 🙂

      I had the same issue with the gif animating for me too, but I decided that it was something I could live with. Perhaps I might have to play a little more with it.


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