SOLO – I think I had a win

When you are teaching there are days you accept that it didn’t quite work out as intended and move on. Today was not one of those days.

After introducing the SOLO Taxonomy to my main class (Year 10, I have them for homeroom, English and SoSE), we have continued on the journey of looking at Macbeth and learning about Hitler and Germany during the interwar years. As we go on our journey we are learning things – I have learned that I would introduce SOLO slightly differently, they have learned that I will put their phones into the orange bucket (and hopefully some things about Shakespeare and Hitler).

But today was a bit different.

Three weeks in, technically four but really three, we were having a class discussion about Hitler, totalitarianism and pre-WWII when one of the boys launched into a speech/tirade about everything – connected all of the dots, made all of the connections, spoke passionately for about 5 minutes without prompting and was historically correct with what he was saying. At the end of his “speech” there was silence in the classroom, until a student voice could be heard saying…

So, that is what extended abstract sounds like.

I call that a win.


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