Sometimes you just need to do it

That was me… and then about an hour later I had joined a smooc (small meaningful open online course) to create a website. Now those that know me IRL may be a little worried about this one. I already teach basic webpage design, and am quite competent at CSS and HTML, but I am self taught and sometimes feel like I should go back and “do it properly”. But I just don’t have the time… and there is another thing…

If there is one thing that the #etmooc experience has taught me, it is that I am not really enjoying the traditional approach to professional learning as much as I used to. I am, in addition to a couple of other things, completing my MEd – and this week has been interesting in the way that I thought about the “traditional” approach to learning.

I am completing two subjects face to face just now, one is tutorial based where we do the readings and watch some clips of lectures given all over the world and then we all meet in class and discuss our thinking about policy development. For the other there are a lot of readings to complete, a lecture to listen to and then we write a critical reflection on what it is that we think about the readings and lecture. That particular lecturer made the mistake of telling me that all of the lectures will be recorded and placed online for us to listen to if we can’t make it. They are not interactive. So I don’t go.

I love my face-to-face tutorial, I learn a lot from the people around me. It isn’t group work – which I actually hate with a passion – but it is collaborative in the way we learn. But for the other subject I would much rather take myself home at the end of the day and listen to the lecture online, than sit through it face-to-face. I don’t get anything extra from it at all. Or more to the point I don’t get anything extra.

So what have I done?

I have joined the #womenlearningtech. And I have already learned things which I am going to be able to use this week. Yay!

As an aside you should check out my Rare Animal.. the Freshwater Pointy Nosed Camel Whale… that was fun 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sometimes you just need to do it

  1. Katie – great to have you on board! Also, feel free to jump in with your expertise. As you will see next week, CSS is not my strong suit, so definitely could use some tips, techniques & resources then. BTW – I’m also working on an MEd. Mine actually has been more distance than face-to-face learning and I wish there was a better middle ground. After these connected learning experiences, it’s definitely a little frustrating to be doing more “traditional” stuff with tech.

    • Kim – thanks for the welcome 🙂 I am not entirely sure what my strong suit is with all of this yet. I am at a stage where I am amazed with what I know and am excited when I come across things which help me organise it into a way I can share (that sentence makes sense in my head).

      I have named this year “the year of getting shit done” (‘scuse the French), I have had my MEd in Educational Change Management and Leadership hanging over my head for a while and it is time for it to go. So I either had to abandon it completely or just get on with it. So I am back face-to-face again. Sometimes.

  2. I expect you’re right, but I just can’t bring myself to add something new to my plate right now! With ETMOOC and my other work I’m already not getting everything done. I thought I’d do the Women Learning Tech course later, on my own, as the resources are going to be there after the course officially ends. But I know the experience won’t be nearly as good. I won’t be doing it with a group of other people at the same time, and my experience with ETMOOC shows that that is extremely valuable. You get to share with others the same experiences, blog about them, have discussions about them, share what you’ve made and see what others have made, and more. It won’t be nearly as good when I go through it later. But alas, for me, I just CAN’T do it right now. Feeling envious!

    • I sold this one to myself as a way for me to actually improve my classroom practice in the very short term. Like Monday. I find as long as I have a real justification for things then I will find the time. I am absolutely loving etmooc though. Best thing I have done in years.

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