Digital Storytelling

At my school every month the students participate in House Cup. It is set aside as a time that they are able to work with people who are outside their usual friendship groups and do different things. My House Cup activity is coming to the school compliments of #etmooc. It seems fitting that in the final week of the official program (I do hope the lights get left on), that one of the activities which we did back near the beginning has made it into my classroom.

I had five students today – luxury, I know. They chose to be here, I had one apology from a boy in a “silly mood” as he didn’t think that he would be able to take the writing process seriously. He seemed genuinely surprised when I was happy that he was going to be silly. I have a teaching blog over at edublogs which I am using for this (and other) purposes, so that is where all of the action is.

Sometimes, we need to remember that things are supposed to be fun.

The students were given five photos and they had to tell a story connecting them, it is their choice if they are going to be published publicly or not – those that have elected to be published will get to see their stories on the blog hopefully by the end of the weekend. Hopefully.


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