Be kind to yourself


Help! Help! I’m feeling assessed!

Writing about the Quality Teaching policy direction, while being subject to it, has been an interesting exercise this week. My Professional Pathways need to cover three of the domains within the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, and while I am working them into what I do, I am writing about where they came from, and if there may be another way to implement them. Except I am not sold on them.

The problem I have with the quality teaching debate and the policy response is… how it is that we measure it, and is it possible to do all of the best teaching for learning in the world and still fail?

Case in point:

Today I was talking to one of the newer teachers at work, someone whom I regard highly as a teacher and if I was to ever have my own school which I get to decide who teaches in it she is one of the first picked, and she was at breaking point. The thing is, if I was going through the professional standards for her – identifying evidence of her teaching which make her excellent, I would have absolutely no problem at all. But today she would.

We all have horrible days which when we get to the end of it and point back going “That. That there. That was me sucking as a teacher”, but the big trick is that we don’t let those moments define us. We pick ourselves up (again), dust ourselves off (again), learn from what we did (again) and try not to repeat it (again).

Most of all we need to give ourselves a break. As for me, I shall (mentally) return to the beach.

Where do you go to unwind?


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