Consumption, Creation & Curation

During the last lesson I taught this week I had a couple of visitors. Three boys who had filmed a creative response to Macbeth (…just like Macbeth was set in the ‘hood… well at least that is what they told me) but couldn’t transfer the video from the iPhone to a computer because they didn’t know how. So that is what we were doing.

And this has reinforced a point I have been trying to make with a few people for a while.

The kids are excellent consumers of digital content, but really they don’t know how to create it, or curate it.

They are not as digitally literate as we think they are.

Now I realise that I am generalising about this, I know that there are many students who are excellent at creation and curation, but generally speaking seeing a kid use a computer, tablet,  iPod, iPhone or any one of the other digital devices does not mean that they are able to use it to create, they will mostly use it to consume.

Now the boys got their video footage off the phone, and then looked at me to fix it for them. Not my job I explained. So Monday lunch, they will learn how.



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