Design a Globally Responsive Educational Environment

Students will design a globally responsive educational environment for the year 2025. This educational environment might cater for learners of any age. It could be within the formal school or tertiary education system or outside of it. Most importantly it should be located within a local context, but designed to strategically respond to major global, cultural and environmental trends within this local context.

So I may be starting this one a little later than I would have liked, but I am making a start more than a week before it is due so progress has been made. Kind of.  Looking at the literature on globally responsive environments, I am struck once again about the gap between the rhetoric when it comes to education and the reality.

I am designing, but I would really love this not to be a theoretical exercise, I would like to teach in this environment now. My context is being taken from my own context, the ‘learning environment’ I am going to focus on is again, my own. My classroom. What would I like it to be like? This has nothing to do with the physical space – even thought that is implied in the expanded instruction of the task – but everything to do with the cultural space, the environment or conditions which I would like to teach in.

Almost every teacher I know has that imagined space – the one where if you had all of the money and autonomy then you would start your own school. An imagined ideal school (sometimes mine has students, sometimes it doesn’t). For me it is more about the attitudes towards teaching and making it work.


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