Stop making things too hard

Last year I ran an Innovations Project and it didn’t go so well (well I don’t think so). About a month ago I was given the opportunity to give feedback on the process we went through and map out the way it all worked (or didn’t). It was a really valuable exercise, and the way that the day was run allowed me to feel listened to, for perhaps the first time in ages. Mapping out the project in terms of time, and tracking all of the different levels of support (or not) from the different stakeholders, gave me the opportunity to figure out what happened, something which couldn’t have  happened in the weeks or months after it ended.

One of the more interesting sections of the day was the final session, where we were brought together with some other people from across the system, who had given presentations at a leadership conference weeks before. As a group we were asked a question, and I was really surprised by it…

What will it take to keep you in the system?

At the time what I found really interesting was that there was a recognition that we, as innovators, were not engaged with what was happening, and that there were a lot of people in the room who were looking at their options. Myself included. We discussed what we thought were the barriers to what it is that we do. We talked openly about what type of system we wanted to see. We identified what we saw the issues getting in the way of us being innovative were.

It has taken me over a month to come up with an answer to the question. I gave one at the time, which was very similar to that… (please excuse the spelling mistake…)20130618-104051.jpgIn a nutshell… stop making things too hard. Please.


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