Digital Playtime

IMG_0070It is an age old English teacher technique, show the kids a photo and have them write a story to go with it. Well this happens to be the opening task for one of the new subjects I am offering this semester. IT Digital Storytelling. The class itself is interesting in its makeup. The students were told that there would be IT involved, but that there was also an emphasis on the different techniques which are used when we tell stories for a digital audience… how are things different when we need to write to not so much to tell the story but when you need to draw a player through one? I am sure that the 12 girls and 8 boys will enjoy most of the elements of what is happening.

The big change with what is happening in this space is where the learning is happening, or more to the point – where the learning is being shown.

We are breaking out from behind the walls of the department, armed with a permission note and parents who are showing their support of what it is that we are doing, the students will have blogs and what they are learning will be out in the open.

We are all a little excited about that.


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