The Note

This semester my Digital Media classes (Digital Projects and Digital Storytelling) are taking a different approach (for us). Now I know that across the world there are classes which have been using blogging and other online tools as an approach in the classroom for quite some time, but for us this is new.

Right at this moment they are working with Popcorn Maker – importing video and editing it in browser – today is their playtime with it and then next lesson they will be given more structured requirements and the final product will go into their digital portfolios, which are their blogs.

It has been a really interesting experiment for them. Traditionally the students are wonderful at consuming content and are not so good at creating it (unless you count endless PowerPoint presentations as creating content). This has been a challenge for them, but they are learning real skills and many of them are showing a great deal of skill in maintaining online content as well as creating it. It has been an interesting experiment, one which I will continue to develop and work on.


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