Future learning and student voice – a ramble

I am coming to the end of my learning journey – well this particular formal learning journey. In the next few weeks I will complete my masters and then have a whole lot of time on my hands… or perhaps I will have time for that novel I have been meaning to write…

This week I am reading a lot about student voice in not only learning, but in learning environments (I am also writing about it a lot as well), and a question is really sticking with me…

Are we giving students an “authentic” voice in their learning?

The paper I was reading was talking about allowing students to have a real say in their learning environments, it wasn’t talking about Student Representative Councils or other representative bodies (which it viewed as “tokenistic” in many of the decisions they allow students to make).

I would like to think that I give students the opportunity to have a say in their learning (at a classroom teacher level I have managed to get some pretty cool things happening in partnership with my students), but at a whole school level, I don’t think I have been as successful as I would like.

A problem that I have with getting student input into whole school happenings within ICT, is that the students who have been identified as “student leaders” are not really those who are interested in what is happening, or could be happening with technology in the school.

I need to find a better way.


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