Katie Jean has left the building

This week marks the fifth week since I have left the classroom.

In the end it was a rather rushed departure from the schooling system, I still don’t know how long the break is going to be for, or if I am ever going to go back to high schools, but this is a change which I needed to make.

I am still working in education – but in the higher education sector at the university over the hill from me (it is nice to be able to walk to work).

Late last week I was asked why it was that I left, and if I am honest, I don’t think I know yet. I don’t think that it is a permanent shift out of the classroom, but I am also not sure what it is that I have to offer schools just now, I had given so much and was just so tired. So for the moment, I am working in a place I am enjoying, doing things that I love – and not having to deal with the things that were eating away at me.

But I am still trying to keep the students at the centre of it all.


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