The things we learn

Since moving on from the classroom I have been thinking about what happens next. Mostly for me it has been learning things. Largely that it doesn’t matter what level the educational institution, some challenges remain the same.

I have always found it interesting that we look at the educators in terms of those who adopt, those who resist and those who clock – but I think that we have to also realise that there are also those groups (and more) within our student cohorts as well.

Over the past few weeks I have had the pleasure of seeing some of the changes to teaching and learning that has been happening for the longer term within the faculty – and now I am also having the opportunity to see the student experience of that as well. Which has really been quite interesting.

Things don’t always work exactly as planned, and as I was trying to access a piece of software tonight, to test it before “the things happens”, I did think… that if I was the student, I would have gone and done something else…


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