Where is my toolbox?

At the moment I am at my desk waiting to take delivery of a toolbox, a specially built one.

It has been much anticipated and planned; it is late (which is a shock for an ICT project) and I already have a page of changes that will need to be made before we can go live. It has been an interesting process, watching the people who know, try and explain to the people who don’t, why things are like they are.

Back a few weeks ago now (seems longer), I was talking to someone about the things we needed to happen in this space, what the innovations are, where they are. People around us are talking about the “groundbreaking” changes that we are making in the delivery of education, how this is a “game changer” for post-graduate studies… and yet… the irony is that I am being held up by the need to have the right kind of log in to the system… in this moment, if I was a student, it would be all good.


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